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Why PA Fairs and PA Showmen Associations?


The objectives and purposes of this voluntary non-profit educational organization is as follows:
  1. To promote the growth and improvement of Agricultural Fairs, Associations and Societies within the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania; To educate and to provide for the exchange of information among members;
  2. To educate and to provide for the exchange of information between the membership, the general public, and agencies for the betterment of the Fairs and/or Fair Industry.

The Pennsylvania State Association of County Fairs has been in existence since 1912. That first year, there were thirteen members (13 Fairs) and has steadily grown to our current membership of one-hundred and fourteen (110 Fairs). Each Agricultural Fair, Association or Society has at its focal point the education and showcase of agriculture, horticulture, tourism and more. Over five and one-half million fairgoers each year can attest to the quality of what we have to offer.
At Fairs, exhibitors compete for prize money, ribbons, or merely enjoy the competition. The following list is only samples of this competitiveness - livestock, hay & grain, vegetables, fruits & nuts, baked and canned goods, christmas trees, flowers, sewing, art, grange exhibits, contests, apiary, antique farm machinery, and others. This can involve both young and old alike! Contact Fairs of interest to see what areas of competition are available.



In 1953, a group of Showmen in the western part of the State met with the intention of working together to keep the Outdoor Amusement Industry alive and strong through their combined efforts. They were known as the Golden Triangle Showmen' Association. Twelve years later, across the State, another group of Showmen with the same goals got together and formed the Lehigh Valley Showmen's Association.
hese two groups merged together in
1967 under the name of the Pennsylvania State Showmen's Association agreed to work for the betterment of all Showmen and the Outdoor Amusement Industry.
Many of these men are still with us still working for those same goals envisioned all those years ago They have been joined by generations of Showmen and have become stronger and stronger until now they are respected throughout the Industry and across the county for their accomplishments.
The PSSA. has grown because its members have learned to put their individual goals aside for the common goals of the Industry. This unity has given them the strength and foresight necessary to continue their work into the next century.
ay we always remember our goals and work to the best of our human ability to keep the Outdoor Amusement Industry the best of America's Family Entertainment.
I. TO SERVE the welfare of the community, state and nation by conducting my business with the public on the highest level of integrity; by treating my patrons as my guests; and by issuing no false nor misleading statements to the public.
II. TO PRESENT clean, wholesome rides, shows and concessions that best serve the public by entertaining and enriching; that maintain good will, secure friend- ship and sponsor loyalty for the carnival industry; that seek to promote the objectives of the outdoor amusement industry; and that contribute to public education.
III. TO WRITE no contract except on a basis that permits a reasonable profit for all concerned; and to strive to fulfill the provisions of all legal contracts executed by me.
IV. TO MAINTAIN fair dealings with business representatives, business associates and employees; to refrain from disseminating false or malicious information and to accept my responsibility for cooperating in every reasonable and proper way with all Pennsylvania State Showmen members.
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